Wendy Hauschildt

Painter, Printmaker, Designer

Wendy designs many of Art Sea's custom products including its lines of T-shirts, postcards and calendars.


However, her passion is painting and printmaking.


Her original oil paintings and prints are available at Art Sea and at Cafe Karma on South Padre Island. Wendy also creates hand pulled prints using carved lino blocks. These inexpensive hand made prints are each unique in how the block is expressed and in the variety of papers used. Wendy likes to re-purpose special papers. So some of her prints are created on old books, navigational maps, vintage wall paper, etc. Stop by to check out the new mermaid print on a Gulf of Mexico map.

Padre Pelican by artist Wendy Hauschildt

Jodi & Joe Eberhardt


Joe is the artist responsible for our wheel thrown bowls, pots and vases. Jodi hand builds the charming shells, plates and small molded bowls.

Together the husband and wife team glaze each piece with brilliant coastal color.

Glazed bowls by artist Joe Eberhardt

Dishes and ornaments by artist Jodi Eberhardt

mugs by David Gordon
artist Wendy HauschilseaTurtle_print
artist Wendy Hauschildt
artist Wendy Hauschildt
artist Wendy Hauschildt
Joe Eberhardt pottery
artist Wendy Hauschildt